I would buy some time, but I have no money

Ken and I just finished watching yet another brain-sucking reality television show. It's the Donald Trump one, called The Apprentice . Man, Trump has the most fantastic comb over I have ever seen. It starts at the top of one ear, then SWoooooPS! over to the other side of his head. It's truly a work of art.

I think me watching these shows somehow explains why I have a hard time remembering things like my phone number, and where I left my car keys. Or maybe it's all the sugar I consume.

Speaking of sugar. I made more homemade hot cocoa tonight, and we "got rid of" the last of the vegan marshmallows. It's good stuff, I tell you. Now this crazy dessert binge the man and I have been on is over. No more!

Well, for a while anyway.

My new job is still pretty aggravating most of the time. I feel like I'm in that store constantly, yet I'm not hitting fourty hours a week yet. I will just keep doing the best I can, and buy my time until we can open up our own damn store.

Okay, I need to go color my hair. My roots are getting kinda trailer park. Oh, here's some funny searches: Cows would smile more .... Aww. You're sick, and a bad speller! Well, wouldn't you like to know! Don't do it! You'll just regret it later.